Sunday, August 26, 2007

woe is me

The Bourne Ultimatum is amazing. i was mesmorized by this film. jason bourne is just wow. i do not believe there is anyone cooler than him. the way he does everything is just fantastic! he knows everything and gets out of every situation...i mean he is just WOW! i am very impressed. ok, this is a pretty poor film review, but i don't care! this movie is too good for words ok! just go see it if you have not already. it is worth the $6 or $8.

now now

i have been told the most amazing news today. it has made not only my day, but quite possibly the whole month of august...though that may be pushing it. anywho, it is definately something to be excited about.

The Mormon dance in september is themed....brace yourselves, it's gonna be big...high school musical!

yay warm happy feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am incredibly pumped for this dance, it is going to be one of the best dances EVER.

oh and tony if you are reading this, you are going to this dance ok? there is no question, you are going. even if i have to kidnap you, or drag you away, you are going. there is no way you are missing a high school musical dance!

now to make my life more complete, im thinking that the next dance my ward does...should be...themed....harry potter! that would be life changing i think.

ok onto more serious matters

i start school tomorrow :(

i am not looking forward to my summer ending. i have math on mon. and wed. from 1-2:15. i do not know what type of math i am taking, i just signed up for whatever my friend was taking. so i guess i will learn what it is when i get there. something about math concepts...i just hope it is easy, i do not want to have to try hard. it is my senior year afterall.

then on tues and thurs i have classes from 8-12:15.
8-8:50 is english 1117 i believe
9-10:?? is sociology (lovely, i can't remember when it ends)
11-:12:15 is govt.

i have friday's off! :) :) :) :) :)
my weekend starts on thursday! how fabulous is that?

the only downfall of being a full time pseo student is i have a butt load of free time. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? homework naturally, but when i am done with that????? while everyone is in school, i will be sitting at home, either on the couch or on the computer chair. i will prolly be more likely to watch tv..oh good crap, what if i get addicted to soap operas!! i do not want to be a soap opera freak!

i will have to go to lunch with friends. make it a weekly event.

perhaps i will is unlikely

HA i am going to be working almost three times a week in september from 4:30-7:30. something i am NOT looking forward to. i like my once a week deal i have had going for the past six months. now i'm like a normal teen employee working 9 hours a week. oh bother.

woe is me.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Why Hannah Montana is amazing

there are some people in this world who do not like hannah montana.

reasons consist of:
-she is annoying
-she dresses terribly
-she is not a very good actress
-nor is she a very good singer
-she talks like she has a retainer in her mouth
-most of her songs are absolute crap
-her fan club costs 30 bucks a year
-her fan club is called mileyworld

now these are all very good points, but i think most people do not fully understand the whole concept of Hannah Montana.

Reasons why she is amazing:
-her show is entertaining
-we learn valuable lessons from her show
-she has the best of both worlds

just the other day i saw an episode where miley lied to her friend lilly. you see, lilly cannot sing, she is quite horrid. anywho, miley fixed the cd lilly made to make it sound like lilly was actually good. lilly belives this and decides to have a singing contest with the show's mean girl, Amber, who btw can sing. oh the dilemma miley is in...WHAT TO DO???? she finally tells lilly the truth, and tells everyone that it shouldn't matter if you can sing or not. singing is about having fun, it is not a competition.

Lessons Learned: Lying is bad. Friends are important. Singing is for everyone! Amber is a horrible person.

Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana is basically every little girl's, if not everyone's, dream of being able to be someone else. Miley has a life i'd say many can relate to. she is picked on by the mean girl Amber, she doesn't fit in, her friends are just as weird as she is...her brother is just...strange. however...when miley puts on a blonde wig...BAM...she's Hannah Montana! a surprisingly very famous singer. she is able to go back and forth living either as miley or hannah.

I do wonder however...does hannah montana ever go on tour on her show? sure, she has performances...but miley goes to school...and so it makes me wonder if she ever tours. i do not think she does. i wonder how her fans think of hannah never touring.

IN REAL LIFE she tours...but not on her show

Ok, those are some of the reasons why Hannah Montana is amazing.

All done.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My First Blog :)

Why hello there my fellow homo sapians!

i have decided to create a blog. i was inspired by none other than the most fabulous, wonderful, high five fantastical....Paulina Lopez. she has a blog too. it is quite entertaining. i enjoy reading it. if you are her friend, you should read it.

anywho, life is pretty spiffy if i do say so myself. hsm2 has finally come out, a bit disappointing, but still, if you know me at all, you know i will be obsessed with it....and yes i will buy it when it comes to dvd. i want to watch it again, but alas, i do not have the disney channel. a stab in the heart every single day.

i have successfully fallen asleep two sundays in a row...while at church. it is to the much displeasure of my parents. it is not my fault the speakers are utterly boring. if you want my attention speak about something interesting, or reference harry potter in some way! it is possible, i do it every single day. i do it in every single paper i write too. call me a nerd...for that is what i am. so eat it.

my family is watching this "horror" movie...i believe it is called 'Stay Alive', or something of that sort. it is about a video game. naturally the character's are screaming for their lives, sounds enticing no?

oh...i am not a very good speller, so if i do misspell something, i apologize in advance. this is the internet, so i will not try to actually do things correctly. it is summer, i will not put forth effort in a blog.

well this is getting quite long, and i could rant about something for a lot longer, but i will bore you no more.

good night my fellow ozzians.