Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Euthanasia- mercy killing to prevent a prolonged and painful death.

i had another dumb moment today, this time in english class.

so i was sitting in my left-handed desk which is in the back of the class, and i sat next to katie tri...and professor shen is talking about something and writing words on the board. something about a debate...and that we have to debate something...and we get to choose the topic of what we are debating...something along those lines. anywho as he is talking he says euthanasia...but i think he says youth in asia...and im thinking, what in the crap does that have anything to do with this?

all this time whenever people say euthanasia, i think they say youth in asia...NO wonder i have been so confuddled!!!!! once again my ignorance beats out my intelligence. :(

but on the bright side...im actually learning something in school

who would have thought THAT would happen ;)