Wednesday, December 3, 2008

nwa gets a zero

this past thanksgiving i went home. it was quite the adventure trying to get there too.

i get up at 3:30 AM and
4:50 AM I arrive at the St. George Express in St. George Ut (about 45 minutes from Cedar City)
6:30 AM all check in and sitting on a chair by my gate at the Las Vegas Airport.

i noticed another flight leaving for minneapolis at 7 AM and it's boarding...i wonder...i call my dad and he says to go ask to see if there are any seats left. the lady doesnt even make me pay the normal fee for getting a seat on a new flight because it's thanksgiving the next day! oh happy day :)

i am thrilled. i get to leave at 7 instead of 9:15 AM so i will get to minneapolis around 12 instead of 3!!! joy joy joy!

i also got a window seat!

could this day get ANY better????

they tell us to buckle up and turn off all electronic devices, yay!

"we're sorry to tell you this, but we're having troubles with the fuel gauge. it should only be about 10 minutes till we take off."

2 hours later...

the lady finds me and says you can still make your original flight. well ok. i go back and YAY still have a window seat

it's taking off, we're moving, then it stops.

"we're sory to tell you this, but we're having troubles with the engine. it should only be about 10 minutes till we take off."

we were supposed to leave at 9:15, we left at 10:30

i didn't arrive in minneapolis until 3:15 PM. joy.


that night i hung out with mairead, that was much fun. we went to the mall and i bought some clinique face wash and they had this deal with make up and, like tony says, i'm the worlds greatest customer. i'm sold on almost any deal. so naturally i took it. heh heh.

then i needed black pants for work! kids care! i have black pants, but they are awfully large and baggy on me. not attractive at all. so we found some in wet seal, they were having a sale, so it was only like $16.00!! yay!

then we went to cold stone and had ice cream. i have a like it chocolate devotion without the chocolate chips but extra fudge :)

now one of my most favorite pasttimes is to drive around, it is so relaxing and fun. so we did just that. we drove around until the gas tank went empty, filled her up and decided to look at houses. oh boy the adventures. nice houses though.

thursdays. thanksgiving. the day of food. not too bad, though i was mainly just waiting until tony came over that night. he came over around 8 and we hung out with my family for a bit. seeing him was wonderful, oh i missed him so.

friday. i went over to tonys around 130ish. we watched home videos of him. he was such a cute baby. he had hair on the side of his head but none on the top! he was like an old man :)

we were planning on seeing twilight with tess, mairead, and karla.

karla says she cant go because she made other plans.
tess then says she has tickets with her family to see honk.

so then tony and i were like..ok. lets go to a matinee. so we tell mairead that and she decides not to go.

twilight was faaaaaaabulous. even tony said it was good!!!

oh jasper you handsome vampire you!

edward was pretty cute too, part way through the film.

it was my second time seeing it :)

after the movie we went to the mall!! and i bought another pair of black pants, this time from charlotte russe. yay!

he did not enjoy the mall. i kept dragging him from store to store, gap, charlotte russe, american eagle, maurices, vanity, and even victorias secret. that one was very amusing. i didnt want anything from there, i just wanted to make him uncomfortable. hahahahahah

then i decided to let him win one and we went to barnes and noble. we both enjoyed it. we have different interests when it comes to books. i like history and love stories and he prefers it seems biographies and music lyrics. i was completely engaged in this queen elizabeth book that i didnt even realize tony was talking to me. :)

then we went to applebees with a whole bunch of ppl. it was aight. i was hungry.

saturday. HAIR CUT DAY. it's shorter now. :)

then tony came with me and my family to help pick out a tree. he was really only there to help carry the tree. haha.

then me and my family went out to eat at the grand old country buffet. classy.

then i went over to tonys around 6ish and we just hung out till we picked up paulina around 8. mark came over too and then we got invited to amandas. hung out there for a couple hours.


my flight was to leave at 3 PM

"we're sorry to tell you this, but the panels on a wing are loose. we're sorry for the delay."


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nwa you have failed me.