Monday, December 31, 2007

eve things

oh muh gudeness! it's been quite a while since i did one of these things. I have decided to write a new post because i am bored of facebook. crazy i know. today is new years eve. it is very exciting. 2008 is almost hurr.

i hope to fulfill my new years resolution of 2007 today. Learn how to ice skate.

i really waited until the last minute to do it, but perhaps i'll actually fulfill a new years resolution.


i really like that got low song, something about jeans or something. i know the lyrics are retarded, but i think it's a catchy tune.

i have started to use firefox instead of internet explorer. i like firefox much better, it saves passwords and stuff, now i dont have to memorize anything, or continuously type the same things over and over again.

i am bothered by the continual writers strike. i am annoyed with it actually.

i am very bitter because i have to watch reruns.