Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more time

it seems that time is always getting the better of me. there just never seems to be enough of it. there are some people, in particular, where i just wish that i had met them earlier in my life, just so i could have more time with them.

though, people come into our lives at a certain time, place, etc, for a reason. and i suppose i just have to accept that.

it is unlikely, however, that i will just accept it.

time changes things.
people change.

we can change together.

i am in my own thoughts. just typing them. sigh.

i am uncertain about things.
i do not know if i am ready to go to college. in fact, i have often thought about not going at all. there is just so much i am leaving behind. what if i come back and everything is different, or worse, it just isnt there anymore? i dont mind change, i just dont want to lose...

i know that im excited for college, all the new people, experiences, etc. but i do wish i could share it with those im close to.

it is only for a few months at a time. it shouldnt too bad right?

i only wish for more time.

Monday, July 7, 2008

let's see how this goes

i am hoping to actually to regularly make postings for this blog, especially since i will be leaving for college in a little over a month...

wow it's late...owell

i am kinda obsessed with the show jon and kate plus 8.

it's sooo freakin cute!
i just love all the children
asian babies are just adorable

i could watch it for hours and hours...kinda like what i am doing now! :0

tv show marathons were an amazing idea. bravo to whoever came up with it!