Thursday, August 28, 2008

not so random

i am told that my blog is all over the place. that it is too random.

well sorry that i have many thoughts and i just feel so inclined to type them all down. is that a crime?

i am at college now. sitting in my room, in the dark...(my roommate is sleeping..shh) and i am typing yet another post. college life is most certainly different. the classes, i find, are not all that different from when i was pseo at rctc. i just go from class to class, not socializing if i can, i dont really feel it is necessary. i am not in class to socialize, i am there to get credit and move onto the next class i have to take. now dont get me wrong, i am not against making new friends. i just feel theres a time and place for that. well...i am also incredibly shy...that is most likely the biggest factor in why i feel this way. if you want to talk to me, you'll have to come up to me. i am not trying to be selfish, i am just not comfortable going up to people and just chatting away...yet.

anywho. i like my roommates. they are fun. :) they like to stay in at night, in our apartment and just chill. it is wonderful because that is what i like to do too! i have four roommates. their names are lisa, (my actual roommate) stacia, britnee, and april. april is a transfer student from the u of u, shes a sophomore. boy she is sure full of spunk and energy. shes funny and i enjoy her company. she is also training to become an ultra runner. that is someone who runs events longer than a marathon! jeez...a lap intimidates me. stacia and lisa are the athletes of the group, they go exercise every day after their classes. britnee is quiet and shy, who would have thought she'd be in rotc? haha, i think it is awesome. she's so small too. though i am not sure who is or her. i like to think me, but sometimes i notice she is taller. let's just say i am taller. :)

what am i in the group? hmm...i dont run, i dont want to join the army...i guess i'm a floater. i dont really belong anywhere. i'll go wherever i feel so inclined, or accepted, to be more truthful. i stay pretty true to myself, i still have not joined in on the running, but i have gone to the bookstore all by myself. please be proud as i HATE HATE HATE doing things by myself. well i can DO things on my own, i just dont like going places by myself, so please do not be confused. it wasnt too bad actually, just like walking down the street to check the mail (something i also detest doing). gosh i'm kinda pathetic and weird.

oh i have goals. i very much want to get lisa to read the harry potter books...and start a harry potter club. :)

and dont you think i didnt make academic goals...!

at least a B in math :)
and do my homework as soon as i get back to the apartment everyday.

so good. holla.