Tuesday, September 30, 2008


eets october. how thrilling. one more month and its my 19th birthday extravaganza. not really. but i will be turning 19. im incredibly old, soon i will enter the ground and there i will rot and decay. lovely picture isnt it? lawl.

the greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return. love is a many, splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love!

i love moulin rouge. it is truly a work of art and a masterpiece. the music is to die for and the voices are uhMAYzing.

another of my favorite love stories is that of romeo and juiliet. though not the dicaprio version, that is just blah blah blah. the 1960s version. I LOVE it. i think its the most true to the story haha. the characters are actually the proper age. and juliet is beautiful and romeo is dreeeeamy. i had a crush on him my freshman year of high school. :) :)

my favorite love stories are tragic ones...:(

why is that. are those the greatest love stories?

wouldnt one think that greatest love stories are where they end up together? that it works out in the end?

an ideal love story most likely.

but i think what makes the tragic ones so great, is because it doesnt turn out the way we want it to in the end. does it mean they dont love each other? no it does not. clearly they love each other deeply.

almost all modern love stories end up together, we're used to it. its expected. so we are thrown off guard when they DONT end up together. its a shock, the audience is outraged!!!!! ROAR ROAR ROAR

the tragic love story leaves us asking, will they ever love again? will they stop loving that person eventually? will they ever meet up and then it will work out? who knows. its a mystery.

i suppose the romeo and juliet...they both died..so in a way, they are together. happy :)

and with moulin rouge.. more tragic, only she dies, leaving him sad and alone. the question is...will he survive? yes he wrote a story about it. who knows though if he will ever move on...

we all have a love story, whether or not it is now, or it was in the past, or it is simply coming. there is a love story in the making. everyone deserves their own love story too, some will even have more than one. is that good or is that bad?

do you ever stop loving your first love then? isnt your first love the deepest? everythings a first, so it cannot be forgotten. will you simply compare everyone else to that love?

love....it made my life...wonderful. well more so. it's a completely different feeling, i've never felt something like it before, to completely trust another human being with my thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc etc and have them feel the same way?? it's a miracle i think. when two people find each other, and it just works. butterflies explode, eyes sparkle, giggles galore, a never ending smile. imaging life without that person is unacceptable. you just want to go on adventure after adventure with them. and everyday you learn more and more things about them, no matter how long you've been together. i wouldnt go back for the world.

i love how i can show all of my colors around him, he doesnt leave or run away, he stays and he helps me through it. when im out of control, he'll hold me until i calm down, when im crazy weird, he'll laugh, when i'm sad, he'll kiss me and hold me tight. in his words...'we're right for each other.'

what does the future hold? i do not know, but i'm hoping he's in it, cause afterall, come what may...

the future will come, and we'll meet it when it does.

until then, avitasay

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My boat

When i have a family of my own, we are getting a boat! never before did i know the sheer brilliance of them! they are completely relaxing and wonderful.

I went on my roommates boat this past saturday. it was a blast. i had the best time!

I also went tubing! that was incredibly thrilling.

I want a boat like this. its like 30,000 dollars, but i think it is well worth it.