Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It came :)


oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

i checked my mail today, and when i saw my letter i leaped for joy and then ppl stared at me. and i then quickly left the building and tried to keep my composure.

My high-five fantastic fabulous writting buddy! Can I just say that it is really fun to read your letters? I'm so happy we can write each other. :)

yes yes you can say that. i do not mind at all.

you like twilight for the exact same reasons as me?? AMAZING! and he doesnt even know my reasons!

you were in love with a fictional character, do i think it's pathetic? can i sympathize? my dear boy! can i ever relate to that! my life is completely devoted to fictional men. and some celebrities, of which no one is supportive of my quest to marry them.

today was superb! my presentation went really well. i surprised myself, i knew more about my topic than i gave myself credit for. so when i got the letter, it just was the icing on the cake. chocolate cake. chocolate frosting. mmm.

now now, i know i dont want to get too excited and get my hopes up. i know i am a passionate person and have been incredibly hurt in the past, still in the healing process.

though someone once told me that there was nothing wrong with pursuing and letting myself become emotionally's a long shot, i'll give everyone that. but...

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