Sunday, March 22, 2009

can't go back now

i suppose to sum it all up. this song represents how i am feeling at the moment. maybe i'll start doing this at the end of each post, put the song that shows how im feeling. that might be interesting, to see if theres a change over time. anywho. for now here it is.

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Taffrine! said...

Music is amazing, it can bridge gaps between alost all things; heres a list of songs to check out if you havent already:

soco armeretto lime by Brand New
Grounds for Divorce by Wolf parade.... (i think)
teeth in the grass by Iron and Wine
needle in the hay by Elliott Smith (r.i.p. baby)
Alien Christ by Cloud Cult
headlight looks like diamonds by the arcade fire.
The world at large by Modest Mouse
El Scorcho by weezer
waste of paint by bright eyes
dot com by secret secret dino club
academia by Sia
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad by Brand New
Take your medicine by cloud cult

if you already know all of there, or want more hit me up girl. ily